We are seeking talented postdoctoral researchers to join our research team in the investigation of biological mechanisms underlying genetic risk factors that contribute to the pathogenesis of neurodevelopmental and neuropsychiatry disorders. 

Our lab employs a combination molecular genetics, electrophysiology, LSPS functional circuit mapping, multiphoton imaging and behavioral assays to understand how synaptic connectivity of the specific neuronal circuit are altered by genetic risk factors during the protracted brain development process, and how environmental factors interacts with risk genes and contribute to pathogenesis. 
Candidates for the postdoctoral position should be recent recipients of a doctoral degree in the neuroscience, or related to biomedical science/engineering. Experience in neuroscience, mouse genetics, or electrophysiology is highly desirable.

Scientific Environment:

The University of Arizona, College of Medicine-Phoenix (UA COM-PHX) and several affiliated institutions form the Phoenix Biomedical Campus (PBC).  This includes Phoenix Children’s Hospital (PCH) as the Department of Child Health.  Additional partnerships have been established with Banner Health System (BHS), Maricopa Integrated Healthcare System (MIHS), St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center including the Barrow Neurological Institute (SJHMC/BNI).  The Translational Genomics Institute (TGen) is physically located on the PBC campus. The UA COM-PHX also forms joint ventures with Arizona State University (ASU) and Northern Arizona University (NAU) to offer a vibrant and enriching environment for research and education.  The network between these institutions facilitates the establishment of a new Translational Neuroscience department that will advance the understanding of basic and translational neuroscience research. 

Please send resume and inquiry letter to Dr. Shenfeng Qiu (sqiu@email.arizona.edu).

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